Movies and Videos

Movies and Videos

Dempsey and Millan have actually produced films and videos that reconceive pre-existing performance pieces, which can be ancillary aspects of performance tasks and which can be stand-alone single-channel works.

Movie and Videography

2014 Vigilance Super 8 movie 3 min. Commissioned by 8Fest, Toronto

2009 Endangered Species Lesbian Nationwide Parks and Services PSAs. Movie. 6 min. Commissioned by Pride Toronto.

2008 Super movie. 2 min. Commissioned by Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.

2007 Consideration Liberation Army Five-part video clip. 12 min.

2003 Archaeology and also you Movie. 6 min. Five part installation that is site-specific solitary channel variations, Royal Ontario Museum. Nominated for Canadian Museum Association Award. Http: // Html

2002 Lesbian National Parks and Services: a potent Force of Nature movie. 24 min. Http: // Html

2000 Calamity movie. 5 min. Commissioned by Ottawa Gay/Lesbian Movie Festival.

2000 Peril! Movie. 9 min.

1998 Homogeneity movie. 3 min. 1998. Funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation.

1996 citizen that is good Betty Baker Movie. 27 min. 1996. Winner of 1999 Manitoba movement Picture Industry Association Blizzard Award for Best brief Drama.

1995 each day in The Life of A Bull Dyke Video. 10 min. Winner of 1997 Blizzard Award for Best Experimental. 2nd award at both the 1996 US Super 8 Film and Video Festival as well as the 1997 University of Oregon Gay/Lesbian movie Festival. Http: // Html

1994 So What Does A Lesbian Appear To Be? Movie. 1 min. Made by Much Music. Played in rotation on national television (Much Music). Screened during the UNESCO meeting on feamales in Beijing.

1993 Object/Subject of Want Movie. 5 min. Screened throughout Asia and Sri Lanka (as an element of a touring movie package arranged by Opera. Other tests consist of Carillo Gil Museum (Mexico City), Magnetic North exhibit that is touring Walker Arts Centre (Minneapolis), the Museum of Modern Art (NYC). Http: // Html

1992 Medusa Raw movie. 10 min.

1990 we are Speaking Vulva Movie. 5 min. Co-producers and directors with Tracey Traeger. Element of Studio D’s Five Feminist Minutes system. Winner of 1993 Blizzard Award for Best Music Video. Readers option, 1997 Sydney Gay/Lesbian Movie Festival. Represented Canada at 3rd Istanbul Biennial, 1992. Http: // Html


2009 Kunst-und Theorieprojekte, Frankfurt; 2008 Galerie sans nom, Moncton; 2002 Inside/Out Director’s Series, Toronto; 1999 Making Scenes Gay/Lesbian Festival, Ottawa; 1998 Cornell Cinema, Ithaca; 1997 Image et Nation Gay/Lesbian Festival, Montreal; 1997 Out on Screen Gay/Lesbian Festival, Vancouver; 1996 YYZ Gallery, Toronto.


Magazines by Dempsey and Millan

Bedtime Stodies for the side of the entire world. Winnipeg: Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 2012.

Winnipeg Tarot Co. Tarot Deck. Winnipeg: Finger into the Dyke Productions, 2010.

Lesbian National Parks and Services Field help Guide to the united states: Flora, Fauna & Survival techniques. Toronto: Pedlar Press, 2002.

Handbook associated with Junior Lesbian Ranger. Winnipeg: Finger within the Dyke Productions, 2001.

When you look at the full life: Portrait of a contemporary Sex-Deviant. Winnipeg: Finger within the Dyke Productions, 1995.

Mary Medusa: A Testimonial. Winnipeg: Finger when you look at the Dyke Productions, 1992.


Dempsey and Millan have actually produced four installations that are major.

Skip Gray’s Marvellous Truth device is made for the Winnipeg memorial’s event Winnipeg Now in 2012. The installation impeccably recreated a fictional parlour/sitting space associated with the character skip Grey, inventrix and party teacher. Gallery-goers had been invited to stay (it self a rarity in a modern gallery environment) in cosy Edwardian chairs, and read or tune in to the storyline of skip Grey, played for a phonograph. The medium by which this story is delivered, plastic, echoes a central object in the storyline: skip Gray adapts an archive player to produce a truth-telling machine. The countless disjunctures between your modernist building and the old fashioned “room”, the general public gallery in addition to personal house, and concerns of truth vs. Fiction upon that your tale relies, produced both a familiar experience (being told an account in a “grandmotherly” environment) and concerns about the superior knowledge or “truth” that progress and technology imply.

Crazy Ride had been presented at Los Angeles Nuit Blanche, Toronto, in Oct. 2009. The task included installing a practical midway on Bay Street, one’s heart for the nation’s district that is financial. Two carnival rides, Avalanche and Super Fun Slide, had been staffed by carnies in operation matches whom greeted cyclists with handshakes. More alleged “downsized Bay St. Employees” distributed cotton candy that is free. Further recommendations towards the crash that is financial made through carnivalesque signage (in other words. “Absolutely free and worth less all of the time”), an amplified soundtrack of pop music tracks about cash, and a carnival barker whom growled unforeseen expressions such as for example, “Do you need to get smaller? ” Bay Street, often empty on A saturday evening, ended up being gone back to the individuals whom taken care of it. Literally thousands and thousands of men and women waited as much as couple of hours to take the rides. The carnival lights beautifully mirrored into the cup bank towers. Screams of joy had been heard, maybe maybe perhaps not monetary terror!

Archaeology and also you had been commissioned because of the Royal Ontario Museum Institute for Contemporary society in 2003. Dempsey and Millan developed a video that is five-part (now also a solitary channel work) within the Gallery of Ancient Greece. Amidst the headless statues of idealized feminine beauty, they inserted Milan’s mind, talking on video clip monitors, about history, war in addition to energy of language. Https: //

Mirror Mirror had been site-specific piece installed in Central Tech highschool, Toronto, into the autumn of 2000. Aware of the overwhelming level of image-related information being targeted at ladies, Dempsey and Milan made body-image that is distorted, and reflected worries and anxieties returning to the viewer. Encouraged because of the glass that is huge into the girls’ washrooms, for which seeing a person’s expression is unavoidable, they constructed enjoyable household mirrors that warps the viewer’s image. They certainly were put within the existing mirrors as a discuss a narrowly-defined beauty to our preoccupation and social codes of real presentation. Within the tradition regarding the freak show, clown while the grotesque, the distorted images contained humour, contrary to the relationship that is contemporary of girl and her mirror, which regularly include judgment, control, and pity. The mirrors became a performance web web site when it comes to school that is high, a niche site of play. The mirrors are not practical; they certainly were of no assistance whenever using makeup or doing a person’s hair. These people were produced merely to be skilled in a minute of shock and laughter, and also to motivate review for the distorted self-images that haunt us.

One Gay City is made in 1997. Each bus-shelter that is life-sized depicted a cheerful Winnipegger (a toddler with her birthday celebration dessert, an fisherwoman together with her catch and a gorgeous boy dressed as Manitoba’s icon, The Golden child), with all the label line, “Winnipeg: One Gay City”. This referenced the town’s motto, “Winnipeg: One Great City”. The project came into being because Winnipeg’s then-Mayor, Susan Thompson, declined to provide Gay Pride official sanction day. This a number of artist-created adverts had been never ever set up considering that the marketing agency whom managed the coach shacks objected for their content that is gay and sustained by Canadian Advertising Standards whom deemed them possibly upsetting. Dempsey and Millan re-created the task as a number of postcards and filed a Manitoba Human Rights issue. They settled utilizing the advertising agency in 1999, ahead of the milf with shemale situation decided to go to committee, during the time that is same Winnipeg elected the initial freely homosexual mayor in the united states.

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