Week 6

Homework Review

Review week 5 challenges and solutions.

Semester Review

Here is the table we introduced in week 2. We have covered everything in bold.

What to Do What to Know
operators literals
experessions variables
statements arrays
flow control structs*
What to Do + Know

*structs don’t exist in Processing.

Sailboat Challenge


Next week we will have an in class test over the material we have covered in class so far.
This test will be open book, and open Internet, but not open neighbor.
For the test you will have 1 hour to complete a small written portion and work through a challenge much like the ones that have been assigned over the last few weeks.

To prepare for the test I suggest you do the following:

  • Re-read all the chapters in the Getting Started book we have covered so far.
  • Spend some time with the Processing.org reference. Make sure you know how to quickly find information about the Processing library.
  • Review and study the sample code in the class notes and your solutions to the challenge exercises.
  • Make sure you can solve all of the regular challenges assigned so far.

There are no new challenges this week.

Instead of working on new challenges, spend this week reviewing and completing any challenges you could not solve before. For next week (October 8th) collect and bring all of your assignments to class. Include every assignment and challenge even if you did not update them.

For each assignment:

  • Review the original assignment, and make sure you work meets or exceeds the requirements.
  • Redo or update any work you want to improve.
  • You do not need to stick to what was covered before each assignment, you can use more advanced syntax even for the first assignment.
  • Review and follow the spec on all your code.
    • Make sure you sketch folders and .pdes are named correctly.
    • Make sure you include a properly formatted header in all your code.
    • Properly indent your code. Auto Format!
    • Include comments to make your code easier to understand.
    • Do everything else detailed in the spec!

Once all of your work is ready to turn in, carefully organize it.

  • Create a folder with your first initial and last name: jbakse
  • In that folder create a folder for each week named like this: jbakse_week_1, jbakse_week_2, etc.
  • In each week’s folder include the sketch folders that correspond to that week: jbakse_week_3_challenge_1, jbakse_week_3_challenge_2, etc.


Bring you complete, organized set of work to class next week.

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