The Spec

Processing Settings

Sketch Naming Convention

Name your sketch using the following convention: [first initial][last name]_week_[week number]. For example: jbakse_week_1. Some weeks you may need to turn in two assignments. In that case, add a name for each assignment after an underscore: jbakse_week_2_bounce or jbakse_week_2_challenge_1.

Stage Size

Your stage should be 625×350. Use the size command to set it.


Frame Rate

Animation should be at 30 fps. Use the frameRate command to set it.


File Size

In terms of bytes on disk, your source code will be very small compared to images and other assets used in your projects. The maximum size for your entire sketch, unzipped and including code and assets, should not exceed 2MB. If your project needs to be larger than that, check with me.

Image Assets


All assets should be saved as .png or .jpg. Choose the approriate format based on your image content and use.


All images should be scaled to the size they are displayed in your sketch, or the largest size if you show it at multiple scales. No images should be larger than 1024×768 unless you have a very good reason.

Don’t load an 8 megapixel 3200×2400 image just to display it on screen at 640×480!

File Size

Compress your images using .png or .jpg compression. Choose an appropriate compression quality for .jpg images. No single image should be larger than 250kB.

Code Style

Header Block

Every source code file in your sketch should include a header with information about your program. Use the structure in the example below:

// skyline.pde
// Draws a randomized city skyline. Demonstrates loops and conditionals.
// Also demonstrates use of variables and the random() function.
// Author: Justin Bakse
// Class: PUDT 1203 Fall 2013 Creative Computing

Auto Format
Use Processing’s Auto Format option (command-f) to properly indent your code.


Use comments in your code to make the code more readable and to communicate your intent with the code. We will discuss commenting style in class.


If you include any code you do not write in anything you turn in for this class you must clearly cite it with a comment. If you look at code you didn’t write, but do not include any of it your assignment, you should still cite it as a reference. Not only this critically important in an academic setting, it is very good practice in production code, and can help make your code more useful and maintainable.

Blog Posts

Post Names

When you post to the blog, the post title should always begin with the week of the post. You can include an additional title if you wish. For example Week 1 A Study in Scarlet


When posting a Processing sketch, always include a screen shot. Choose a screen shot that represents your project well. Your screen shot should match your stage size at 625×350. Do not post your sketch asset images directly in the post. These should always be included as part of your zipped sketch.

Including Your Sketch

When posting a Processing sketch, attach a .zip archive of your entire sketch folder. This archive should be less than 2MB. Make sure that your sketch is named properly. Your .zip will have the same name, with the .zip suffix. For example:

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